Feminist Poker

Feminist, the angry poker player lady

Hello to you all nut peddlers that think it gives you advantage, Kiss my hairy ass and suck this pot sized bet! 😘

I have all ready recieved some fan questions and i could answer one of them.

🤔How did you become such a plo5 specialist as you are now? Well dear, it was a kind of accident because all my life i`ve been in show business but then arrived this David19 and we all lost our gigs. First i was pretty ok with it and think its like long deserved leave, but then in few months i got bored and one day i went thrue my emails and found free ticket to 10€ buy in tournament wich was held in a same night. Then miracle happened as my fortuneteller had predicted, I FOCKING WON IT! 🏆

🏆🏆 I know next to nothing about tourneys, but got lucky and won 400€ out of it Next day i found my self wondering what would happend if i would go all in at poker, meaning put my self to a test if i could be a winning player? Few of my friends where playing plo5 at Pokio and told me its grazy game and people who play it where even more, so i started study it for a bit. I found it fascinating as you could play half of your starting hands and still be a winning player. So i Start to follow big players what they did on certain spots and try to mimic them, but usually it went south because i didnt understand range concept and nothing about how to use blokkers. I worked my ass of and calculated spots with Propokertools and trying to find my own style to play and especially i worked with with my 3-bet range. first 4 months i worked more than 1000h.

After 2 months it was real that i was a winning player. In 5 moths i had plyed 50k hands and i calculated that i was winning 27€/100 hands at .50/1€ games including rake back. I was playing so much that i won or was 2nd at all hand races and got few hundreds € out of them also. So breafly i started about one year ago to play poker after 10 years break and beginng of this year at Pokio where games has been easy to me to beat and they have deacent rake back (30%) wich is really important when you start to play.

Not so good luck to you all wankers and cya at the tables! 😘

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