Feminist, so tell us what is your edge?

Jay Leno: Feminist, so tell us what is your edge?

Feminist: Well I do a lot of work to find tendencies of my opponents and my preflop game is trained with a gto-bot so it should ok. I have different opening sizing depending on a lot of stuff, you don’t see me betting/calling with out odds….

Jay Leno: that all takes time so you put a lot of hours in a month?

Feminist: 150-200h I think, I’ve played more than 200k hands in a year. 75/25 playing and studying.

Jay Leno: so you have to make a lot of money with those hours?

Feminist: Hmm, I have had a bad run now and I’ve been brake even now for a few months.

Jay Leno: ok, that sounds bad.

Feminist: We all know that even when you are a big winner there is about a 4% chance in 100k hands that you are losing money.

Jay Leno: that sounds a little bit of an excuse. So you think it’s bad luck, because of variance?

Feminist: yes and no. I’m convinced that I’m experiencing a bad run now based on all-in EV and gut feeling, but there I said the problem. Largely it’s based on feeling and that’s the most dangerous thing in poker to rely on when you are reviewing your results. The human mind is built to protect you from an unpleasant chain of events or vice versa. What I’m trying to say is when you review your results you think after a winning session it was because of your outstanding skills and after a losing session it was because your opponents were lucky. That’s, of course, the wrong approach. What you should do is try to find errors, find wrong game tree, find bad call/bet behavior, find things that resulted in the outcome. That’s the only way you can analyze your game, the devil is in the details.You should have an explanation for every action you make, remember to ask yourself why I’m doing this action.Variance and standard deviation are just too huge in this game (plo5) and you can not measure it with poker trackers or any software. They tell you something, but not the important stuff.I tend to think that I’ll do a good enough job on the things mentioned above but the “Show me the money part” is not there, so I need to look at my old nemesis,Me.Am I honest enough when I take a look at my hand history.

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